3 Sheeps Brewing

3 Sheeps Brewing

Sheboygan, WI

Custom Glassware, Product Sourcing & Fulfillment

When the only brewpub in town closed its doors, Grant Pauly, owner of 3 Sheeps Brewing, met with the building’s owners, inspected the equipment and, within a few hours, had formed an agreement that would shape the future success of his craft brewing business. Later that year, 3 Sheeps Brewing went on to win RateBeer’s Award for Best New Brewery in Wisconsin. Since then, 3 Sheeps Brewing has expanded to include a team of men and women that all share the same passion – creating unique, meticulously crafted beer.


As the Brewery grew, the creative minds behind such recipes as Rebel Kent and Cashmere Hammer realized that they needed to focus on expanding their brand. The ideal partner would be one that not only offered the products and services they needed, but also be responsive, patient and fun to collaborate with.

3 Sheeps Brewing prides itself on incorporating a scientific approach to their craft. As such, they were consistently on the lookout for options that afforded the best opportunities to customize their products with more than just aesthetics; they wanted their glassware to serve a purpose.

Lance Taylor, Field Sales Manager with Boelter’s Beverage Division, worked closely with Grant and his team to identify a variety of options that offered more than the typical pint glass. Understanding their needs, the relationship with Boelter leaned more toward a customizable solution.

Grant was looking for a specific glass for the brewery’s year-round beer that not only fit 16 ounces but one that would also make a better, more premium drinking experience for his customers. Boelter’s in-house sales team worked closely with 3 Sheeps Brewing, sending sample after sample in an effort to identify the perfect glassware.

In the end, 3 Sheeps found exactly what they were in search of – a thin pint, closed slightly at the top, that incorporates nucleation points along the bottom and in the shape of their logo. These nucleation points are designed to push bubbles throughout the pint, maintaining the aroma and carbonation for an extended period of time. Combining the nucleation with the slight inward curve of the glass’s mouth creates an experience for 3 Sheeps customers that allows them to savor aromas and flavors more evenly, from their first sip to their last.

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