4 Tips for Holiday Beer Glassware

The holiday ale season is always here before we know it! Long before you unpack tinsel and lights, the time is right to order holiday glassware. Here are 5 holiday branded glassware decorating tips to help put you in the festive spirit.

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Boelter's Guide to Pairing Beer with Glassware

Countless different flavor combinations could go into a single beer. Even if we forget about specific hop varietals and yeast strains, there are still a huge variety of different types and styles of beer. No wonder things get confusing when it comes to choosing the right custom beer glasses! It's almost like a puzzle.

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5 Tips for Designing a Custom Tap Handle

When deciding what to drink, tap handles are the first place a customer’s eyes go to. Since they’re conveniently placed at eye level, customers continue exploring them at the bar while lingering with friends and pondering their next beer.

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Product Perspective: Tap Handles

For decades, breweries, brew pubs, taverns and restaurants have been benefitting from the continued evolution of the tap handle. Sitting down at the bar of your local “watering hole” and scanning the serving area for the newest selection of tap beers has become a favorite pastime for thirsty customers everywhere. But tapping a “cold one” into a frosty mug is no longer reserved for just the barley and hops industry. In recent years there has been a rise of both wine and spirits made available on tap. As a result, understanding the benefits of a well-designed custom tap handle is integral to the ongoing success of your brand.

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Finding the Right Tap Handle Dimensions

When designing a new custom tap handle, size and shape are two crucial elements. After all, it’s not just about visual presentation—how usable is your tap handle? If your tap handle is too tall or too wide, it’ll irritate the bartender and may even be turned on its side just to fit, killing all that hard work you put into design. Make sure your tap handle is the appropriate size by adhering to general guidelines.

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Make a Statement with Custom Tap Handles

Originally referred to as faucets, valves or spigots, when properly attached to a beer dispensing system, a tap handle’s only function is to control the release of beer. Nothing less. But, when thought about more creatively, strategically and through the lens of the marketing eye, it is capable of so much more.

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Sell More with Seasonal Tap Handles

Craft breweries are continuing to pop up all over the country, and many of these breweries have developed seasonal brews. To sell more at the bar, your seasonal or limited edition beer needs to stand out to customers, distributors and sales reps. It has also become popular to showcase tap handles on new offerings like kombucha, cold brew coffee, wine and seltzers or cocktails. New and seasonal drinks deserve the spotlight and a custom tap handle may be the perfect way to make a statement.

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Why Tap Handles Lead to Increased Sales

As competition continues to increase in the craft beer industry, finding ways to stand out and attract patrons is trickier than ever. When customers settle down and eye their options at the tap, you have merely seconds to influence their choice. Do your tap handles persuade them to choose you?

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Printed Glass Decorating Methods

There are many different industry techniques when it comes to decorating customized glasses. In order to provide custom beer glasses to your exact specification, Boelter employs every possible technique, including state of the art UV decorating equipment for improved vibrancy and color selection.

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