Auto Club of Southern California (AAA)

Auto Club of Southern California (AAA)

Costa Mesa, CA

Kitchen Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Adam Goodloe, Boelter’s Contract Sales Project Manager, was approached by the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) to provide a much-needed update to their existing cafeteria. The objective was to transform and improve the space with a variety of modern enhancements designed to promote greater accommodations and increased usage.


Acting as an onsite design consultant and project manager, Adam focused on the existing limitations of the cafeteria and addressed concerns that it was only able to offer pre-packaged and lightly assembled meals. The plan was to develop a more robust and full-service dining experience for the AAA employees and give them a place to meet and enjoy a better variety of hot, fresh and nutritious meals.

Due to ongoing health concerns, COVID-19 impacted the schedule and hindered – but did not disrupt – the project’s completion. Social distancing guidelines and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) were established early on, providing additional precautionary measures for all parties involved.

The newly renovated cafeteria space now boasts numerous features not previously available: grill and deli area, salad bar, beverage counter and selections for grab-and-go. But the real highlight of the project was the development and installation of a global exposition pizza oven. Manufactured by Woodstone and proudly made in the USA, the Baker 6-foot oven features a 36-inch wide by 10-inch high door opening and an oven floor diameter that measures 62 inches. Overall, the cooking surfaces weighs in at an impressive 22-square-feet. Based on the size and weight of the pizza oven, a tensioned steel exoskeleton was set in place, surrounding the hearth and dome perimeter, to ensure structural integrity and longevity. Wrapped in spun ceramic fiber insulation and requiring only a 1-inch side clearance to combustibles, the monolithic 4-inch thick cast-ceramic hearth and monolithic 4-inch thick dome rests on an open, black painted steel stand. The oven body is finished with galvanized steel and a stainless-steel service panel was provided.Not surprisingly, the transportation and installation of this massive unit required significant planning and an ability to think outside the box. Moving it through the corridors of the Automobile Club of Southern California required the removal of 4 separate doors and a rigging company was brought in to set the unit in place.

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