Founders Brewing Co.

Founders Brewing Co.

Grand Rapids, MI

Product Sourcing & Fulfillment

Adopting their Brewed for Us philosophy that focuses on complex, flavorful ales, an abundance of aromatics and big body, Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers began operating Founders Brewing Co. out of a 9800 square foot brewery in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. It was the foundation to what has since positioned Founders as one of the most widely recognized breweries in the United States.


Ranked among the top breweries in the world, with several of their beers listed in the top 100, the team at Founders Brewing Co. continuously reinvent what it means to create world-class flavor through the variety of craft beers they create. Maintaining their brand and ensuring that it reached the widest audience possible was always a key strategy.

Julie Gingrass, Craft Account Manager with Boelter, provided the service and assistance needed to help ensure Founders Brewing Co. had the products required to continue making their mark within the craft beer industry. Leaning on Julie’s expertise, as well as Boelter’s years of industry experience, Founders was able to confidently navigate the ins-and-outs of their brand positioning and product selection.

Promoting the Founders name through a variety of products is an ongoing objective for Julie and her team. Whether it’s pint glasses and coasters, umbrellas, signage or anything new and creative, merchandising and providing their customers with a quality experience remains a critical component to Founders’ ongoing success.

In 2016, Founders’ merchandising sales was just shy of $40,000. Working closely with both Julie and Boelter’s Product Sourcing and Fulfillment team, Founders has realized impressive sales growth of more than $1.5 Million in 2019. Since this partnership began, the synergy between Founders and Boelter has created a scalable program for growth, allowing their products to reach customers more efficiently and leave lasting impressions.

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