Case Study: Pure Green

Case Study: Pure Green

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Coming from a family of foodservice professionals, Phil Mesi, once a restauranteur from Chicago, is Pure Green’s Area Representative. His focus is on developing new stores across the Midwest, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Phil works with the individual franchisees to identify locations, assist with the build-out, equipment packages and training preparations.

Phil initially met with New York based Pure Green to discuss bringing the cold-pressed juicer experience to the Windy City. Having worked in nearly every sector of the foodservice industry – from food distribution to high-end restaurants – Phil’s experience and expertise was an immediate match for this newer franchise. Recognizing that there was something special about the Pure Green brand and quality of the products they offer, Phil wanted to ensure that the residents of Chicago had access to this unique experience.

Pure Green interior - order counter

With a focus on offering their customers healthy alternatives – made-to order smoothies, acai bowls blended with frozen fruit and granola, and a variety of steel-cut oatmeal bowls – it’s no surprise that several of the Pure Green locations are conveniently and strategically located around university campuses and gyms. The high foot traffic alone has provided the initial stores a boost and has helped to solidify their grab-and-go, takeout and 3rd-party delivery formats.

Taking a Great Brand and Making it Better

After an initial review of the Pure Green business model, Phil Mesi identified a few key points that, with some minor adjustments, could take this up-and-coming franchise to even greater levels of success. The enhancements that Phil was able to bring to the company’s vision immediately positioned them to better accommodate future franchise locations. But the initial Chicago store that Phil opened wasn’t without its share of complications.

The biggest hurdle opening the first Chicago store was the lack of a consolidated equipment package. Everything was conducted in piecemeal fashion through individual equipment procurements from Amazon and other online retailers. Acknowledging how this adversely affected the timeline, Phil understood that for the Pure Green brand to succeed in the Chicago area they would need to make significant changes to this part of the process. After several recommendations from others in the foodservice industry, Boelter was brought on to assist just as Phil was signing his second lease. And the timing couldn’t have been any better.

Pure Green interior - juice display

As a first meeting with Phil at the initial Chicago store, Chris Liesch, a Field Manager with Boelter’s Contract and Design Team, obtained a complete list of the equipment that was previously ordered and installed. After reviewing the list, Chris was able to identify and offer a variety of equipment modifications, inclusive of refrigerators, freezers, sinks, and tables, and provided alternate options that better aligned with the Pure Green brand. Chris was also able to address and overcome many of the prior issues related to equipment delays, difficulty with the installation and the time-consuming efforts related to working with General Contractors.

“Chris Liesch did a site visit of the first store and visited the second store before construction began. Everything went really smooth on the second store, and the development process was a night and day difference from one to the other.”


Phil understands that franchisees don't all come from a foodservice background and might not have a strong grasp on what it takes to run a Pure Green store. Accordingly, he has provided direction on obtaining the appropriate business licenses and schedules the necessary health inspections. He also works closely with Chris Liesch and the Boelter Contract & Design Team to ensure the selected equipment package is the most appropriate for each individual store location.

Pure Green interior - seating area

“I've had the pleasure working with Pure Green at their New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York locations. We’ve also been working on the Wicker Park and Fulton, Illinois stores and are excited to begin developing their store in Carmel, Indiana and another location just outside of Detroit, Michigan.”


Responding to this encouraging and expanding relationship between Boelter and Pure Green, Chris quickly began taking steps to ensure continued success for the new franchise locations. Working on a program that will stock Pure Green’s base equipment package (up to four new stores worth of equipment and smallwares), these supplies will be stored at Boelter’s Milwaukee office. Going forward, whenever a new Pure Green franchise is signed, Chris and his team will have that store’s equipment ready and waiting for shipment, delivery and installation.

“Working with Boelter has been great. Chris Liesch has been very helpful from the start. He would recommend different equipment options and alternate sizes that best fit the space. The equipment would be dropped off in a single package and often installed in a day. He has saved a lot of time and headaches.”


Supplied for Success

But like any successful foodservice operation, it’s the fine details that help to ensure the best return on the franchisee’s investment. In the case of each new Pure Green store, working with the same set of smallwares maintains a seamless and convenient restock ordering process. Stacey Getchius, Boelter’s National Chain Account Manager, was key in establishing Pure Green’s online supply-ordering storefront.

Pure Green online ordering storefront screenshot

Working closely with Pure Green’s CEO and Director of Operations, Stacey created a smallwares opening package by conducting an initial vendor analysis. Supply recommendations were presented (when appropriate) and the final catalog was delivered for review. Working within the set list of supply specifications, the online ordering process ensures that each store is following the company’s established supply guidelines.

“Chris (Liesch) and I work really well together. We strive to have the supply side of Boelter’s business work closely with the equipment side to help bridge that gap for our customers. We keep each other involved and in the know on what we're doing to ensure the process is run smoothly.” 


Pure Green online ordering storefront screenshot

After identifying the list of items the Pure Green franchisee needs to successfully operate their store, a custom online storefront is developed to enable a quick and easy resupply solution. Boelter’s Purchasing department maintains the individual item stock to better prepare for any new Pure Green store opening. The supply items are staged in the warehouse and promptly shipped out. To date, Stacey and her supply team at Boelter have worked to equip a total of seven different Pure Green stores, with three more currently in development.

“The Supply Portal has been great. Each of the Pure Green franchisees can access and directly order from the online store. Understanding that not every new Pure Green franchisee has experience in the foodservice industry, the process for ordering supplies has been made very easy.”


A Strong Partnership

The future is looking incredibly busy and incredibly bright for Phil Mesi and the Pure Green brand. Since getting involved, Phil has been focused on locating and directing the opening of several new stores throughout the Midwest. He has been providing the support needed to make each new franchisee feel comfortable, establishing a robust marketing kit and setting them up for success. His connections throughout the foodservice industry, and his growing relationship with Boelter, have created a strong foundation and a solid position to continue growing the Pure Green brand.

Pure Green online ordering storefront screenshot

With more than 90 years in the foodservice and beverage industry, Boelter is a partner that provides strategic guidance and essential products to ensure our customers are performing at their absolute peak, across every service and every season. As a passion brand, Boelter is driven by the need to create and maintain strong relationships, desiring to draw people in and make them feel good about themselves. We seek to create a strong immediate emotional response and believe that through food and beverage we connect and improve lives in meaningful ways.

Boelter's Chris Liesch and Stacey Getchius

With more than 5 years in the industry, Chris Liesch specializes in kitchen equipment installation and logistics. Stacey Getchius has been with Boelter for more than 26 years, providing extensive experience in developing custom equipment & supply programs for national food service accounts.

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