Boelter's Guide to Pairing Beer with Glassware

Boelter's Guide To Pairing Beer With Glassware

Countless different flavor combinations could go into a single beer. Even if we forget about specific hop varietals and yeast strains, there are still a huge variety of different types and styles of beer. No wonder things get confusing when it comes to choosing the right custom beer glasses! It's almost like a puzzle.

Texas Guild Glass

Realistically, you can drink whatever beer you would like out of any printed glass you find. Just make sure the custom pint glass is clean and free of residue to help maintain temperature and keep flavor pure. However, if you want to drink by the books, here's a cheat sheet for pairing each beer style with the proper branded glass. With this guide, you'll experience each beer's unique aroma, striking look and distinctive flavor to the max!

Which Customized Glasses Should You Pair With Each Style of Beer?

Pilsner Glass

Benefits: The tall, narrow shape is perfect for showing off color and clarity. 

Best beer: Pilsners (surprise!), American Pale Lager, Lagers, Fruit Beers, Witbiers, Bock, Doppelbock

Nonic Glass

Benefits: Beer flows more freely out of customized glasses without tapered mouths.

Best beer: English Ales, Blond Ale, Cream Ale, Milk/Sweet Stout, Stout, Porter, IPA, Oktoberfest

Wheat Beer Glass

Benefits: Tall with a nice taper that preserves head and aroma. 

Best beer: American Wheat Ales, Hefeweizen, Weizenbock


Custom Pint Glass

Benefits: Versatile and designed with the bar owner in mind.

Best beer: Ciders, American Ales, IPA, Bock, Rye Beer

Belgian Tulip Glass

Benefits: Sports a tapered shape ideal for a casual drinking pace.

Best beer: Belgian Ales and IPAs, Imperial IPA, French Ales, Scotch Ales, Saison/Farmhouse Ale, Quadrupel, Lambic-Fruit

Glass Tankard

Benefits: Designed for copious amounts of beer and quick drinking.

Best beer: Any ale or lager, particularly of the German variety

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Benefits: Delicate stemmed glasses keep your hand from warming the beer.

Best beer: Belgian Ales, Double IPAs, Imperial Stouts, Tripel, Porters, Barley Wine, beers high in ABV

Zombie Glass

Benefits: The slim shape of these customized glasses helps to maintain carbonation and intensify fragrance. 

Best beer: Wild and Sour Ales, Fruit Beers, Bocks, German Pilsner, Lamic-Fruit, Maibock, Weizenbock


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