Customized Glasses Create Special Moments

Serving your beer in printed glass is the most impactful way to make it stand out from the crowd. From the first sip, a custom pint glass is more than just a drinking vessel, it’s a snapshot of a brewery’s personality.

Boelter views beer glassware as the centerpiece of the customer experience, whether in your taproom, in a bar, or at a local beer festival. Each time they raise a branded glass, drinkers are invited to be part of your brand, whether it’s their first time tasting your craft beer or spirit - or their 100th.

That's a special moment.

Every brand has unique needs for the style of customized glasses and type of printed glass decoration. We've developed an extensive catalog of options so you can customize your glassware to the experience you want to create.

Wondering if we can make a custom pint glass like you saw at another bar? Yes, we can. Or we'll find out how—or do something better. Call us to talk to a branded glass expert about getting that perfect beer glass.

The Right Printed Glass for Your Brand

Not sure which beer glassware is right for your brand? Don't settle for the conventional choice just because it’s easy. When you serve your beer in the right branded glass, customers take note. Your beer stands out, and you’ve created a special moment.

As your brand hospitality partner, we're here to help you align your brand, your beer, and your budget with the best choices for customized glasses. Talk to one of our branded glass experts today to find the right beer glassware for you.

Benefits of Glass

  1. Glass is pure – Glass won't impart flavors or odors to your beer.
  2. You taste with your nose – Glass amplifies flavor by allowing customers to smell the beer as they drink.
  3. You taste with your eyes – Beer looks beautiful in a custom pint glass!
  4. Customers love glass – 75% of consumers prefer the taste of beer out of a glass versus the bottle.

Balancing Value and Values

Over the years, we’ve learned that when it comes to customized glasses, our brewery and distillery partners expect good value but also want products that reflect the hand-crafted, high quality aspects of their business.


Our ceramic enamels and UV inks offer you choices for printed glass that will stand up to dishwashing and scratches.


We use a no-lead base for our ceramic enamels, and all our inks are California Prop 65-compliant, including our UV inks, which are also certified organic. Through advances in digital printing, we’re also working to lower our carbon footprint during the decorating process.

Quick Turn Custom Glassware

Need printed glasses in a hurry? Our Quick Turn program allows you to get our most popular glass styles - including custom pint glasses - ready to ship within 10 days of approving artwork.

Favorite Glass Styles

Branded Glass Decorating Options

Here's a quick glance at what we can do. To learn more about our inks and processes for printed glass, check out our Custom Glass Decorating Capabilities brochure.

Choosing the Right Inks and Processes

We’re proud to offer so many choices when it comes to printed glass, but we know it can be overwhelming. Our beer glassware experts can help you navigate the right picks for your brand and budget, but here are some concepts to help get you started.

Screen Printing, Digital Printing, and Decals

These are many of the ways we apply art to a printed glass.

Screen printing is the industry standard for custom beer glasses and uses either UV inks or non-lead ceramic enamels to create a wide range of colors and designs.

Digital printing offers quicker turnaround, a wide array of colors via 4-color process (CMYK), and high-level printing capabilities for branded glass - including full-wrap designs and intricate detail.

Decals are available with organic and ceramic ink and are typically used when direct printing is not an option.


UV-cured organic inks offer unlimited color capabilities, produce a high-gloss finish, and provide excellent dishwasher durability custom pint glasses.

Non-lead ceramic enamel (NLV) has a matte finish for customized glasses that is very scratch resistant.

Speciality inks also available, including glitter, UV blacklight, and glow-in-the-dark, iridescent, and color-changing options.

Other Decorative Options + Finishing Touches

Contact us to talk to a branded glassware expert about getting that perfect glass.

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