Total Fulfillment from a Trusted Brewery Supplier

Our merchandise fulfillment program puts you in the driver's seat of inventory optimization and warehousing of custom promotional products. With our online wholesaler and distributor platform and your own dedicated product management team, Boelter is more than just a brewery supplier. Get out from under the paperwork and start planning for greater impact and success when it comes to custom merch for on and off-premise.

Bottom line: You don't need your own inventory space and team when you partner with Boelter - we’ll take care of merchandise fulfillment and free up time for you to brew beer.


Inventory Optimization on GoBoelter.com

GoBoelter is our online hub connecting sales teams and distributors for seamless access to custom promotional products.

  • Login credentials for you and your distributors
  • Purchase windows to pre-order customized glasses and other branded merchandise
  • Seasonal product launch planning
  • Online invoicing and accounting
  • Weekly inventory optimization reports
  • Warehoused custom merch ready to ship within 48 hours

Inventory & Merchandise Fulfillment Experts

As an experienced brewery supplier, our dedicated team of experts give you the information you need to stay relevant. By helping you understand the playing field, forecast, and plan ahead, they keep your portfolio of custom promotional products up to date, your inventory moving, and your costs low.

Inventory Optimization Analytics

Stay on top of latest trends and innovations and keep your inventory up to date.

Branded Merchandise Consulting

Work with our industry experts to identify what's working and how it can work for you.

Sourcing for Custom Promotional Products

A global network of industry-best suppliers to give you more options and leveraged buying power.

Total Merchandise Fulfillment

Online ordering and domestic warehousing saves you space while shipping fast.

Freight and Inventory Optimization

Build orders intelligently to cut down on your costs.

Make & Ship Custom Merch

Need a one-off product or a small shipment of branded merchandise? Our Make & Ship program was made just for you. Work with our team to:

  • Design your customizable merchandise using provided artwork
  • Plan the seasonal or event-driven launch of your custom promotional products
  • Optimize your inventory and manage merchandise fulfillment

We want to grow with you! All our customers receive personal attention, and our solutions will adapt to changes in your business.

If you're tired of trying to stay on top of your merchandise fulfillment program, talk to one of our brewery supplier experts today.

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