Custom Loyalty App - FAQ's

Are you wondering how the Boelter Blue platform works, what it can do, or what it would look like for your organization? You can check out the answers to some frequently asked questions below or reach out to one of our team members for more information.

How Does the Boelter Blue Platform/App Work?

I already use social media and have a website, why do I need an app?

Your website is a great way to tell prospective customers about your business, the app is designed to entice them to visit and get them to return. Social Media is necessary to promote your business, but you don’t control who sees your posts or when - an app gives you that control and more.

​Will my app integrate with social media?

Yes, you can integrate and pull posts from Facebook and Twitter into your app.

How is having an app with push messaging different from email or text message marketing?​

1. Push messaging is easy, so fast it can be done on the fly, and can even be automated.

2. Push messaging is cost effective, don’t pay on a per message or per subscriber basis.

3. Customers can customize the types messages they receive, while you use the app to seamlessly add offers, promotions and dynamic content to every message.

Does the app integrate with my point-of-sale system?

The app is designed to be able to pull in any existing ordering or reservation systems you are currently using allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of deployment for your app. We allow POS and other systems to seamlessly sit inside your app and work without a complicated or expensive integration.

Does the app work with my existing website?

Yes, however your existing website would be managed separately from your app. Boelter Blue offers a bundle package with a mobile friendly website included, that allows you to save time by updating both in the same place and automatically promoting your app throughout your website.

Does the app work on all smartphones?

Your app works on all Android and Apple phones.

Who updates my app?

By using our easy admin system you are able to add new content to the app on the fly whenever you need to. You are responsible for maintaining an account with apple for inclusion in the Apple App Store. Boelter Blue will make sure your app is up to date and able to run on Android and Apple phones even as technology and operating systems change over time.

App Features & Capabilities

Can I execute promotions on the fly?

Yes, using the Boelter Blue management app you can send push messages, create offers and execute any promotion you want in real time. Unexpected rainy day and you want to drive traffic into your business? No problem, with your app from Boelter Blue.

How do I send push messages to my customers?

Send push messages directly to your customer's phone at any time. Send them to target groups, schedule them to be sent at a future time, or set up automation to have them sent at an optimal time based on your customer's activity in the app.

How does the loyalty program in the app work?

Loyalty doesn't have to be just points for dollars, the app and everything in it functions as your loyalty program. Customers may download the app to see the latest beers on tap, while others may love the lunch punch card, online ordering or the weekly flash deals. Think in the context of giving your customers experiences, perks, surprises or upgrades that give them new and exciting reasons to spend their time and money with you.

Does the app do reservations?

No, but you can easily use your existing reservations system within our app, or choose to upgrade and use the built in waitlisting system from Boelter Blue to manage your busiest times.

Does the app include an online ordering system?

We do have an ordering system available as an add-on to your app, however we recommend using an ordering system through your Point-of-Sale system whenever possible.

App Implementation & Training

How long does the app building process normally take?

Boelter Blue delivers a ready to test, beta app within 1 week. Then we allow up to 10 business days for Apple & Google to approve your app for release into the app stores.

What do I need to do during the app building process?

All you need to do is provide us with your goals, and Boelter Blue will handle the rest. The app will include recommended loyalty offers and promotions that match your objectives and bring customers in the door.

We’ll also pull photos, menus, and other important information from your existing website and/or social media profiles, and we can include any content or programs you specifically want to see in your new app.

What kind of support can I expect after my app is built and launched?

Our team is available during regular business hours via email to answer questions and provide technical support.

How much training is required for front of house staff?

The most important training for the FOH staff will be to identify first time guests and encourage people to download the app. It will also be important for a manager to be able to add content to the app and understand how the loyalty and offers systems work, depending on what you are utilizing for your app.

Managing Your App & Account

How do I get people to download my app?

Boelter Blue develops a plan for attracting first time guests and getting app downloads built around the core of your business using one time offers. You tell us why customers visit your business, and why they return, then we translate that to the app. Whenever and wherever you talk about your business, the app fits in naturally.

How can I track the success of my app?

Boelter Blue provides you with data on how customers are using and interacting with your app to see what programs are working to drive business.

How do I add content to my app over time?

Content is added over time to your app though the admin system provided to you by Boelter Blue. You are responsible for adding new offers, loyalty programs or other information to your app over time. The system allows you to easily add & remove content as needed to keep a dynamic experience for your customers.

Am I able to cancel services from Boelter Blue?

You may cancel at any time, and your app and/or website will be removed from publication.

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