21c Museum Hotel

21c Museum Hotel

Chicago, IL

Kitchen Design, Bar Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Boelter’s design team was awarded the contract to renovate the historic James Hotel in downtown Chicago. Shortly after beginning the project, the owners of 21c Museum Hotel made the decision to alter their original plans to update the kitchen space, and instead focus their efforts on renovating and enhancing the bar area.


Chris Liesch, Boelter’s Project Manager, immediately began the process of supplying all new bar equipment. Midway through approvals, the owners enhanced their vision even further and ultimately landed on the idea to design a sushi bar. Seeing an opportunity to be involved with something truly unique, Chris and his team rapidly switched gears and made the adjustments necessary to develop not only a brand-new sushi bar, but an impressive wine storage room as well.

Boelter’s design team worked to ensure that the bar provides its customers with an immersive experience. Just as important, it also affords the waitstaff with a higher degree of efficiency and functionality. As a final touch, the seating arrangement was also approached with an eye for detail and a solution was delivered that heightens the overall ambiance and theme of the room.

During this project, no less than three separate design options were presented for review and consideration. After numerous design discussions, feedback gathering, and redesign proposals, the project was completed. As the owners focus on the finer details associated with a grand opening, everything is in place and ready for the 21c Museum Hotel to present a new and exciting sushi bar to all of its customers.

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