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Amped Kitchens

Chicago, IL


Project Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Ghost kitchens continue to gain momentum. They are essentially the “back of house” restaurant and food preparation buildout of ovens, ranges and refrigerators, populated with chefs and line cooks. Virtual brands or remote extensions of known brands, minus the standard brick and mortar storefront. They are stripped-down commercial cooking spaces, without a dine-in option, that cater specifically to online ordering and delivery.


As a leader in this rapidly growing foodservice space, Amped Kitchens rents permit-ready, private commercial kitchens to individual tenets. Ranging from 150 to 2000 square feet, each location is unique to the individual needs of the operator and affords access to a variety of amenities, such as dry, cold and frozen storage, loading docks, packing rooms and more.Amped Kitchens Chicago recently unveiled its newest premium, multi-tenant food production space in Chicago’s Northwest Side. Converted from a former Zenith factory, 64 pre-approved, state-of-the-art food production units are now available across a variety of sizes. Food producers and operators may choose from these dedicated, commercial kitchen spaces and begin developing their products, their way.

Chris Liesch, Boelter’s Project Manager, worked closely with Amped Kitchens to provide an abundance of refrigeration options and solutions. In addition, all of the necessary sinks, dishwashers and icemakers were included to ensure every local code and requirement was met. Boelter recognizes that each foodservice operator’s menu is different and how important it is to provide the appropriate equipment and design specifications that work best for and meet the need of each tenant.

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