Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Winnetka, IL

Restaurant & Bar Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar, owned and operated by Margarita Challenger and Jovanny Diaz, has been sharing a love of culture and providing a taste of the Mexican heritage to the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than a decade.


Chris Liesch, Boelter’s Project Manager, worked closely with Apex, a representative of Perlick in Chicago, and was brought in as the lead to manage Guanajuato’s transition from their original location in Glencoe, to a larger, more updated space in Winnetka. The scope of the project initially focused exclusively on the bar area of the new restaurant, but quickly expanded to include the quoting and installation of various kitchen cooking equipment and walk-in coolers.

Guanajuato’s mod-bar embraces a U-shaped design. Direct from the factory, it nicely accommodates for additional bar equipment and is conveniently attached to a framed wall. The chases for all of the utilities are built in, making it easy for the owners to add any style of tile or wood as display on the customer-facing side. Delivered as pre-built, modular pieces, the final product was quickly and easily assembled.

Chris also supplied the necessary back bar coolers and a draft beer system to ensure a smooth and efficiently run operation. The back wall includes convenient shelving and an enhanced liquor display. Topped off with an amazing lighting feature, the design accents the overall aesthetics of the bar and provides a warm and welcoming experience for Guanajauto’s guests.  

With a commitment to providing fresh, seasonal ingredients and a traditional cooking technique, Margarita and Jovanny take pride in offering Guanajauto customers a taste of their home region, while inviting them to experience a lively and entertaining main bar.

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