Pearl Harbor: Silver Dolphin Dining

Pearl Harbor: Silver Dolphin Dining

Pearl Harbor - Hicka Base, Hawaii

Kiosk Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Bumps in the road are not uncommon when working on upgrading outdated military dining facilities. Such was the case at the Silver Dolphin Bistro and Kiosk on Joint Pearl Harbor-Hickam Base in Hawaii. While installing new combi-ovens, steamers, and fryers to the facility, Boelter’s Citisco team‘s project managers worked with the Base Maintenance Department to coordinate installation and identify piping, electrical and basic utilities that required upgrades. In addition to the overall remodel, the Citisco team worked with Vollrath Corsair Carts & Kiosks to design and equip a kiosk, providing a place for busy soldiers to grab a quick lunch without having to enter the main dining facility.


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