Surety Hotel


Des Moines, Iowa

Equipment Supply & Installation

The Surety Hotel is home to the chef-inspired Mulberry Street Tavern, a warm and inviting social destination that underwent a significant upgrade and renovation, starting in May 2019. Velvet McConnel, Boelter’s Project Manager, with direct assistance from Glenna Lorentz, Boelter’s Project Coordinator, began the process of installing the tavern’s updated kitchen in April 2020. Working through October, the project was completed and ready for the hotel to reopen in November of the same year.

Surety Hotel Kitchen

Although an overall success, the project was not without its share of challenges. Most notable – the installation of the ThermalRite walk-ins consisting of beer cooler, cooler/produce cooler/freezer complex required creative planning and execution. The location of the new walk-ins was in the existing basement of the building. Making note of the low ceilings and overhead hinderances, Velvet ensured that the produce section of the cooler combo height was reduced to 7’- 4”, from its original size of 8’- 6”. She was also able to effectively manage the difficult delivery issues this equipment posed. The only path wide enough was a staircase that was only capable of delivering a single panel at a time. 

The ColdZone water-cooled refrigeration rack for the walk-ins was also originally located in the basement mechanical room. However, the architect moved the location of this equipment to the outdoor roof of the ballroom. Velvet worked directly with the ColdZone manufacturer, and the system was re-engineered to better manage a 300-foot run, while also ensuring the horizontal and vertical run lengths didn’t exceed maximum capacity. The refrigeration installer from Goodwin Tucker ran 300 feet of refrigeration line sets from the basement and up three stories to the roof of the ballroom. The extra planning, care and attention to detail paid off and the results could not have been any better.

Additional equipment and installation features include:

  • Mibrasa solid fuel grill, positioned for customers to view and enjoy
  • First floor warming kitchen and coffee bar
  • Beverage and hot/cold serving counters in the employee lounge 
  • Two dry storage rooms, complete with adequate shelving
  • Vulcan ranges and griddles and a Salamander oven 
  • Alto-Shaam double stack combi ovens 
  • Back bar equipment including: Glastender accessories, Micro-Matic draft beer system, Continental Refrigeration reach-ins 
  • Streivor hood air systems 

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