View MKE

View MKE

Milwaukee, WI

Tabletop Design

Overlooking the city of Milwaukee from the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood, View MKE prides itself as a destination to gather for casual dining. Boasting unparalleled views of the city and an expansive dining room for gatherings of all sizes, View MKE is the ideal spot to unwind, enjoy a variety of craft cocktails and order from a menu designed for Milwaukee’s progressive dining culture.


Working with View MKE, Boelter’s approach was to deliver a relaxed experience while focusing on the authenticity of the space. The intent? Provide View MKE’s guests with a relaxed feeling the moment they are seated and encourage them to enjoy the time spent with friends and family.

Boelter’s tabletop selections include china dishware from FOH and Artefact, flatware from Browne Modena, and a variety of stemware styles and Libbey glassware selections. When combined with the eclectic and international flavors offered by View MKE’s menu, the mood is expertly set for both couples and larger groups looking for that special night out.

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